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PDF Guide to Help you Sell with Facebook Advertising


SALE! R70! What!? Basically x2 Overpriced Cups of Coffee!

The E-Book to help you Sell with Facebook. Learn how you too can Market your property to thousands of people with Facebook Paid Advertising.

If you’re not happy, we will give you a full 100% refund – no questions asked.

An E-Book on how to Sell on Facebook in South Africa

Testimonals in South Africa

I used Facebook to advertise a property and had over 12 leads to follow up on in a matter of days and also managed to reach an audience of over 30,000 people.
Martin G.

Over 12 leads in a matter of days!

Martin G

South Africa - Property Real Estate Agent

I used Facebook to advertise a property and had over 12 leads to follow up on in a matter of days and also managed to reach an audience of over 30,000 people. – Martin G

I wouldn't have been able to sell several properties without using this course! The course showed me the techniques to get in-front of DETAILED Audiences.

My Record 4 OFFERS in 3 Days!


South Africa - Property Real Estate Intern

I was struggling to get my property Sold, but after doing Facebook ads, I was able to get x4 offers in 3 days, with the course’s techniques, I targeted buyers that lived outside my town, with no other way of reaching them, other than Facebook Adverts! This Course is a Must! – Dave

There was another time where on the first day of my advert running, a client came to our offices, walked right up to me, held up his phone, with a picture of my property I was selling and he said to me ‘I saw this advert on Facebook, can you take me there now…‘ minutes later he put in an offer and today its sold to him! Not possible without Facebook Adverts! – Dave 

How to use Facebook to sell real estate guide.

“One of our agent clients got 4 offers in 3 days using this technique”

You have an amazing property that you want new buyers to see!
Stop printing out fliers!
Are you wasting time at Sunday Show houses?
Have no buyers on your e-mail database?
Have you posted to Facebook Groups, but nothing is working?
DOES THIS Sounds like you?
  • Use Facebook Targeted Adverts to target your ideal buyers.
  • Use Location
  • Use Interests
  • Overlap your interests
  • Stop Wasting Money on useless Ad Placements
  • Learn the Steps today!
  • Struggling to find buyer, and nothing else working?
  • No more new leads to work with?
  • Want a cheaper method than printing out fliers or drops?
  • Get Results
  • Reach thousands of people
  • More than just a “BOOSTED POST”
  • Learn about Placements
  • Learn about Overlapping Interests
  • Targeted Audiences
  • Make sales!
  • Make Profit!

With this guide you will have the tools to take your property and get in-front of buyers that you would have never been able to get in-front of before.

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Sale Ends in

WAS R800 – NOW R70

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