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One Package for your business. Building a positive impact on your business.

We know what your business needs.
Take the Brand Make Over Package.

One Package for your business

If you are a new customer wanting our services then you have to first take our Brand Make Over Package. With the Brand Make Over Package, your business will be transformed, your Brand Image will to be aligned correctly with your audience.

We are in the Business of Transformation.


The heart and soul of your business. This is what makes you different from everyone else. You are meant to create not compete. Let us look at your business and give you the advice you need to take it to the next level.

Product Photography

Get the finished premium look for your products and services with our Product photography service. Turning a normal shot into a spectacular piece of art.

Advertising & Marketing

Reach thousands and hundreds of new customers through our advertising channels. Get your product or service in-front of niche customers based on age, gender, location, interests and income levels. The right advertising connected with the right marketing strategies can revolutionize your business income levels.

Online Presence

Take control of your online presence. Be known. Invest in your online ``real estate`` domain. Get a quote in helping you build an online web presence.

Social Media

Your customers expect you to be on Social Media. Build a deeper relationship with your customers online, share giveaways and prizes to your loyal followers. Start investing in your tribe today.

Viral Effect

With our secret methods and strategies we can help your product or service gain huge followings and hit an viral effect. Running special competitions, giveaways and specific pages that promote shares and likes. Get a quote on how we can help you reach a viral effect.

Graphic Design

From Facebook Covers to Logo designs to any general graphic design whether is be for online or print medium. Get a quote for your general graphic design needs.

Consulting Services

From Facebook covers to logo designs to any general graphic design whether is be for online or print medium. Get a quote for your general graphic design needs.

Email Marketing

One of the most under developed area's in small to medium sized businesses is E-mail marketing. Let us show you how by collecting e-mail addresses and other customer details, you can increase your profits by 5 - 15%.

E-Commerce Shop

Run your business online 24/7 *365, from anywhere, no more opening time restrictions. Higher Margins, better cash flow sell your digital or physical products today.

Professional Presentation Business Slides

Dominate your presentation with our high quality photography and professional looking slide designs.
We take a 'Less is More' approach, helping you make your slides engaging quick and professional.

Personal Branding

From creating your own personal logo, website to social media to a photoshoot. We can help you with your personal Brand Image.

Videography & Photography

Need to create an engaging video or want some high quality photographs taken. Let us help you with your next project.